After Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s Entry; Will AI Replace Lawyers In The Future? | collaboration |

Legal counsels in big business are looking at cutting costs by taking advantage of the saving offered by technology. A Deloitte study in 2016 predicted that about 114,000 legal jobs are likely to be automated in the next 20 years. The report further predicted another 39% of jobs were high risk of being made redundant in the next two decades.

Artificial intelligence allows one to process huge amounts of data in a very short span of time and the ability to give accurate and precise answers is astonishing. AI will disrupt the way we do legal business. On one hand, AI will invariably drive legal costs down and make legal services more affordable, on the other hand, AI might lead to more job creation than job reduction.

AI will disrupt the market and take steps towards democratizing justice by making legal services affordable to everyone.

The biggest fear being the loss of control from the lawyer to AI. This might cause chaos in the near term though.