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Key Issues In Knowledge Management (PDF Download Available)

This is an article about key issues in Knowledge Management (KM). It is one person's view about some of the main issues dividing practitioners about how to pursue KM, comprehend it, and eventually realize its value. I cannot, of course, cover all of the main issues here. In fact, my view of what they are may not be shared by other writers in the field. Nevertheless, I hope to cover enough of them to provide a good introduction to newcomers and a reminder to experienced practitioners that there's still a long way to go before we have agreement on basic matters concerning us.
Pál Kerékfy's insight:

A tudáskezelés egy érdekes megközelítése. Kapcsolatba hozható az együttműködéssel...

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Building the Boundless Intranet

Building the Boundless Intranet | collaboration |
Companies today see conventional intranets as obsolete. To find success in the modern workplace, businesses must go beyond B2E to redefine the role of social intranet. Read the analyst report to learn more.
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A céges intranetek megújítása, használhatóvá tétele.

Az együttműködés és a tudáskezelés eredményes és kevésbé kockázatos eszközök.

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Harold Jarche: An Infographic Overview of Personal Knowledge Mastery

Harold Jarche: An Infographic Overview of Personal Knowledge Mastery | collaboration |

A key part of the Seek > Sense > Share framework for PKM is to find new ways to explain things, or add value to existing information.

Via Becky Roehrs
Pál Kerékfy's insight:

A személyes tudáskezelés (personal knowledge management) a céges tudáskezelés és az azzal kapcsolatos együttműködés kiindulási pontja.

Joyce Valenza's curator insight, August 18, 2015 7:38 AM

A visual overview of Harold Jarche's model for PKM

Florence Gilzene-Cheese's curator insight, August 22, 2015 12:11 PM

The idea from the Seek, Sense, Share PKM network that speaks to the development of a framework for professional development. PKM is driven by metacognition and allows the individual to seek to fill identified knowledge gaps and make sense of the information that is available and further share the knowledge that is gained. This info-graphic supports the framework and identifies the flow among the ideas in the Seek, Sense, Share process of PKM.