A gép ügyesen érvelt és vitázott, “emberi” vonásokat is mutatott | collaboration | Scoop.it

The goal was for the AI to engage in a series of reasoned arguments according to some pretty standard rules of debate: no awareness of the debate topic ahead of time, no pre-canned responses. Each side gave a four-minute introductory speech, a four-minute rebuttal to the other’s arguments, and a two-minute closing statement.


So the question is: did Project Debater simply not understand the criteria, or did it understand and choose not to engage on those terms? Watching the debate, I figured the answer was that it didn’t quite get it, but I wasn’t positive. I couldn’t tell the difference between an AI not being as smart as it could be and an AI being way smarter than I’ve seen an AI be before. It was a pretty cognitively dissonant moment. Like I said, unsettling.