Abbey Road: Hogy készül majd 2030-ban a zene? Együtt tudunk zenélni a mesterséges intelligenciával? | collaboration |
Enjoy the best moments of our inaugural Hackathon showing some of the most unexpected collaborations and innovative performances, beautifully accompanied by PREM’s composition '2030'.

The world-famous Abbey Road Studios, where many of The Beatles’ most popular songs were recorded, is looking to support music innovation through technology, and recently held its first hackathon event.

The studio runs a musictech incubation programme called Abbey Road Red. The hackathon in November 2018 gathered 100 participants to explore new ways of using technology to create and consume music. The participants – comprised of programmers, technologists, developers and music producers – were given a number of questions to guide their creations, including “How will artists create music in 2030?” and “Can you play or create music using emotions to trigger different sounds, samples, parameters or effects?”.