A package full of change: An interview with Ian Andrews of Commonwealth Bank of Australia | McKinsey & Company | collaboration | Scoop.it

That’s largely a matter of achieving the right balance between assisted interactions—whether face-to-face, over the phone, or via instant messaging—and unassisted, digital interactions. We need to know when customers want each type of interaction and what features they are looking for.

Previously, we delivered each program by itself, with its own change plan, its own communications plan, and its own definition of success. But we knew that rolling out several large programs that way in rapid succession would create too much complexity for the front line, reducing the odds of reaching our goal.

We decided instead to pull major initiatives into single “packages of change,” each around a core theme. That way, from the frontline perspective, the program would feel like a single, predictable piece of change rather than multiple disparate, overlapping changes.